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   The Meron Levy Architects office was established in 1999 and has since provided complete and creative solutions for public and residential buildings in Israel and around the world, from pre-planning to delivery.

   Architect Meron Levy is a graduate of the Technion in Haifa (1992), and has already established the firm as a young architect, from a unique functional concept of public spaces and living spaces, from the integration of the building in the environment and urban planning to the interior design of the building. His works provide a unique architectural experience for the environment, with an emphasis on creative solutions for the users of the building.

   Over the years, the firm has pushed the boundaries of local design. The inspiration for his entrepreneurial and planning activities abroad is also evident in the work he has done since then in Israel, including the spa hotel in Ein Gedi, the municipal library in Herzliya, or the jewelry gallery in the Jewish Quarter.

   At Meron Architects you will find "One-Stop-Shop", planning to a particularly high standard. The firm accompanies the project from program preparation, research, concept drawing, detailed planning including the use of innovative technologies and materials, through computer simulations to furniture design, lighting and full interior design. The firm is characterized by a constant dialogue with the client and an in-depth analysis of his functional needs. The firm works with the best professional consultants in all areas of construction.

   The firm's staff, who together with architect Meron Levy personally accompany the clients, were carefully selected based on a concept of creative design solutions and high usage skills, in all the technological and planning tools available to modern architecture.

   Architect Meron Levy also taught architecture and influenced the functional perception of young architects. In addition, he is involved in international entrepreneurship, planning large residential projects abroad, sits on the boards of entrepreneurial companies, and constantly works to bring planning approaches in Israel and around the world to the daily needs of the client.

   The architectural experience is a consequence of the ideological motive of the building planner. The first thing an architect should do is explore the place: the environment, the historical, ideological and experiential content and the vision and needs of the users of the place. We deduce from this that our role is to direct a three-dimensional and physical experience, which emerges from the personal place and speaks to everyone and the environment.



meron levy

Graduate of The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, 1992.



Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Tel Aviv University,  2001. Joined the office in 2001. 



Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Tel Aviv University,  2014. Joined the office in 2014. 


sapir gabay

Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Tel Aviv University,  2014. Joined the office in 2015. 


MAy reginiano

Graduate of Ruppin Academic Center, 2017. Joined the office in 2019. 


riki rozenberg

Student at the Faculty of Architecture, Tel Aviv University. Joined the office in 2021. 



Student at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design, at Polytechnic University of Milan. Joined the office in 2020. 

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