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musashi ai

​Client: Musashi AI Company

Status: Completed, 2020

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Plot area: 420 M2

Mifal Ha'pais offices |aquarium 

​Client: Mifal Ha'pais

Status: complete 2021

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel

Plot area: 280 M2


hi-tech incubator

​Client: Powermat

Status: Completed, April 2023

Location: Neve Ilan, Israel

Plot area: 600 M2


office building preservation

​Client: Elise Group

Status: Completed, 2016

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Plot area: 1600 M2


meat point

​Client: Private

Status: Completed, 2018

Location: Hertsliya, Israel

Plot area: 150 M2

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